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Breakfast Picnics


Starting at 355$ for 2 guests.

3-4 guests  - $435

5-7 guests - $535

8-10 guests - $625

Includes 3 hours.

*comes with some goodies*

Celebrate early mornings!

Breakfast bookings are available from 6:00am to 11:00am. 

This will include servings of croissants, fruits, cheeses, and orange juice. Feel free to bring any extra pairings of your choosing.  

How to Book? 

Get in touch with the date and time that you have in mind so we can start planning this early bird picnic.

*Please mention any allergies or food restrictions  you may have.  


Check-out our ready-to-go original sets in our Themes and Gallery section for our book and go options. 

Or customize your own. 

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